The Queen’s Teleconference: Grab and Hold Your Prospect’s Attention

You have approximately 20 seconds to grab and hold your prospect’s

* Are you sick to death of hearing, “I’m not interested?”
* Is your anxiety about what to say keeping you from making your
prospecting calls?
* Would you like to have better, more productive conversations
with prospects?

It’s not that hard to create a good call opening. It’s not that hard to
catch your prospect’s attention and interest. It’s a matter of knowing
exactly what to say and how to say it.

We last ran this program two years ago. Since that time, with the
economy worsening, more people then ever are using the phone to market
to new prospects. The ability to engage a prospect’s interest and
attention on the telephone has become even more imperative. For that
reason, we have brought back “How to Easily Create a Compelling Opening
that Generates Interest, Attention and Sales,” updated and packed with
new information.

Here’s the vital information for this valuable and informative

When: Thursday, June 25th 2009
            4 PM EST

Where: Your own home or office

What is the investment?: $47.00

By the end of this teleconference you will be able to grab and hold your
prospect’s attention, engage your prospects willingly in productive
conversation, feel less anxiety and GET RESULTS.


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