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Technique is habit. You do the same thing over and over again until it simply becomes a part of you. Building a solid calling technique, that is solid prospecting practices, will get you through your calling anxiety. As you continue to make calls, your anxiety and stage fright will diminish.

Make sure that you talk about a “meeting” rather than an “appointment”. Meeting sounds far more professional and important.

Few things are more terrifying than the unknown. The fear you create for yourself is far worse than the reality of introductory calling. Once you start making telephone calls and continue making telephone calls, it gets easier. You overcome fear by doing.

It is crucially important to know how your prospect will make their decision. Without this information, you may miss a vital step that would make the difference between gaining a new account and losing it.

When you are trying to schedule an appointment the objection, “I’m too busy,” is NOT a “no”. Think of it as a “yes” — you are simply negotiating “when”.

When in doubt, or when having a hard time finding the information that you need, use words like “help” and “advice”. “Perhaps you can help me.” “Perhaps you can give me your advice.” People love to be asked for their help and advice.