Wendy Recommends: The Management Curve

The End of Sales Management as We Know It
by Paul McCord

Whether you’re a salesperson, sales manager, or sales executive, you’re about to see major changes in your life. Over the coming years the basic roles and functions of sales managers will be changing—radically. Some will embrace these changes, others will resist, some will refuse to adapt and leave the sales industry.

What are these changes, why are they coming about, and how will they impact you and your company? Well, I’ll give a tease here, but to really find out you’ll have to visit The Management Curve, a new blog dedicated to a discussion and debate about how the new sales technologies of Client Relationship Management (CRM), Sales Performance Management (SPM), and Sales Force Automation (SFA) will impact companies, salespeople, and most specifically, sales managers.

I host the blog and am joined by a number of hand selected regular contributors. Those contributors include sales management trainers and consultants such as Jonathan Farrington, Silvaraman Swaminatha, Michael Webb, James Obermayer, Jan Visser and several more to be announced shortly. There will also be posts and commentary by representatives of the sales technology developers with representatives from Oracle, Onyx, ForceLogix, i-Snapshot and several others giving their perspective. In addition, real live salespeople and managers who use these products will relate their experiences—good and bad–with the products their companies have purchased. In addition, we’ll talk to corporate executives from companies of all sizes to get their ideas of what they hope the products will accomplish for their firms and what changes or additions to the technology they would like to see.

Posts and discussions will range from very basic discussions of the various types of programs available to reviews of various products to critical discussions of the real impact of these programs on salespeople, managers and the company itself.

The real crux of the blog’s focus is on how current sales management theory and practice will have to change to work within the framework of the sales management environment created by this technology.

Disagree with the basic premise? Don’t worry; contributors come from all perspectives. Some agree with my view, others are 100% opposed, others somewhere in the middle.

Come visit The Management Curve. It was only launched a few days ago but already there’s some discussion going on with much more to come as more and more blog authors join the fray. No matter your perspective, things will not only be interesting, they’re dealing with real issues that you and your company will have to face sooner or later.

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